Becoming a google summer of code student


First of all, I want to follow my first ever blog post, with good news. As you probably guessed from the title I got accepted for the Google summer of code program!!! Yoohoo!!! I will be working with coala under the Python Software Foundation.


While the coding hasn't yet started, Gsoc is already under way with the first phase called community bonding. Basically you have to get to know the community and the project's codebase better. This proved to be quite an interesting experience for me since I have to schedule calls with my mentor who is from India and the time gap is something I am not really used with.

Since I wrote a proposal for OWASP also, and I had the chance to interact with another community, I think it is safe to say at this point that coala admittedly has one of the friendliest and well structured communities. Gitter channels, google groups, mailing lists, all set up just to make sure everyone stays in touch. And not everything is about coala, for example, a couple of days ago some of us met online to do a bit of bonding via gaming (very good choice btw). I have to admit that I could not enjoy the game to its fullest because of the latency but it was still fun. I hope we do more of these gaming/anything meetups.

Getting ready to work

Yes, it is the community bonding period and indeed you are not supposed to code pretty much anything now, but there are a couple of things that have to be done. In my proposal I left some issues to be discussed later on. My mentor Udayan suggested that this would be a good time to talk about these and "list down the finer details".


One of the best parts of being a Gsoc student for coala is that we will meet at Europython this summer. I really look forward to this trip since I haven't participated in other conferences like that before. Also I have never gone to Spain :D

Wrap up

All in all, I am eager to start doing the stuff that really matters, or maybe am I just eager for the summer to come faster? I don't really know but anyways, there goes my first ever blog post after my first ever blog post.